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Nov 2018 – current

Microsoft SQL Server Projects

  • SQL Server Lifecycle Management project, including migration of older 2008 and 2012 SQL server environments towards 2016 and 2019, as well as Microsoft Windows patch management
  • Preparations towards cloud migration of SQL Server environment
  • Decrease the amount of operational work by optimization of monitoring tools and aligning scheduling tools 
  • Automation of access & security management

Sybase ASE and Sybase Replication Server projects

  • Successfully implemented the migration of Sybase ASE en Sybase Replication environment from version 15.7 to 16.
  • I improved stability and performance in a complex replication environment resulting in less planned and unplanned downtime for private banking customers.
  • Creation of documentation and providing training towards the in-house Oracle database team to support on-call Sybase services
  • Providing Release and Upgrade Assistance towards Fortis AAA (Temenos).
  • I have completed the conversion of crontab scheduled jobs towards other scheduling software.
  • Improving the quality of high-availability infrastructure as well as executing DRP exercises is done is a perpetual task.
  • The installation of the Guardium Insights agent was a requirement for audit purposes.

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