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Athlon Carlease Belgium

babam bites finalizes project at Athlon Belgium

Nov 2014- Nov 2018

I completed the following projects during my second long-term assignment at this customer.

  • 2014: A complete Athlon Belgium IT infrastructure migration from externally hosted datacentres towards ‘De Lage Landen’ datacentres (Best & Boxtel)
  • 2015: Various Sybase & SQL Server upgrades 
  • 2016: To improve the quality and stability of soft- and hardware, Athlon executed a massive Tech Debt. This program included database platform migration from AIX towards Linux and reviewing and streamlining all their software and tools.
  • 2016: Implementation of row-level security to supply segregated data towards multiple leasing companies using the same single database & application. Auditing compliance required data segregation.
  • 2017-2018: Another complete Athlon Belgium IT infrastructure migration towards Daimler datacentres
  • 2018: Configuration for scheduling software Control-M for Athlon France
  • 2018: HA Setup AIX Sybase Tibco 

“Those who plan do better than those who do not plan,

even though they rarely stick to their plan.”