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Wit Geel Kruis

Wit Geel Kruis

June 2023 – current

  • Increased the performance of a hybrid MS SQL Server database production environment by 30% without adding resources.
  • Improved general environment stability and decreased the number of on-call actions by 50%.
  • Most of the mentioned gains were not obtained by adding indexes, memory or rewriting existing code. Rescheduling jobs, removal of deadlock situations and some configuration tweaking achieved them.
  • Optimized the RedGate SQL monitor dashboard to actionable solutions that any operational team member can execute.
  • Performing daily operational DBA tasks, general tuning and performance and improving SSIS jobs.
  • Automated the runbook for refreshes and migrations using Octopus deployment software.
  • As a company platform group member, we assist/advise and implement standards leading to a future-proof IT infrastructure.

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